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Total Length :
3 hours approx.

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CD Release Party Strategies

Insider Secrets For Independent Bands, Musicians & Songwriters

Over two hours of specific tools and strategies that will help you to hit the ground running with your new music release, reach new fans, make more money, and get the publicity you need.


14 Qualities of Successful Musicians, Songwriters and
Music Business Professionals

Regardless of your position within the music industry,
this Audio Book will change your mindset when it comes to running your music business.

A few things you'll learn...

* Killer Time-Saving Tactics Most People Never Use
* The Biggest Mistake Industry People Make
* How to Use Competition to Sell More Music
* Why Being Bold Will Increase Your Income
* The Real Reason Major Labels Fail...and Why You Won't
* The Most Effective Way to Find Interns, Band Members, and Employees

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