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I Hate You Mom and Dad Audiobook

Overcomnig A Bad Childhood Audiobook

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Length : 1 hours 20 mins approx.

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I Hate You Mom and Dad:
How To Put A Bad Childhood Behind You
And Have A Better Life

I Hate You Mom and Dad puts into words the indescribable pain adults who were neglected and abused as children have been choking on for years! Maybe you don't even consciously hate your parents but you've been stuck in the past, burdened by yesterday's pain and grief and unable to move forward. Don't you think it's time to let go of the pain?

Chapter 1 - Introduction
Chapter 2 - What is child abuse or neglect?
Chapter 3 - Where it all begins
Chapter 4 - A real-life example
Chapter 5 - Reasons for hating mom and dad
Chapter 6 - The blame game
Chapter 7 - Dealing with the past
Chapter 8 - Moving forward
Chapter 9 - “I no longer hate you mom and dad"

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